Suggestion FOR STUDENT


  • If any class is to be postponed due to some unavoidable reason, then it will be informed all the students by SMS at least before two hour of commencement of the class.

  • One week holiday for Rajo and one week holiday for Durga Puja ain each session.

  • One day break in each month.

Inside Institute Premises

  • Come to the class regularly aand in time.

  • Come to the institute with institute bag and I-Card.

  • Make a signature in the attendance sheet mentioning the accurate time of institute clock.

  • Keep your mobile switched-off in the class room.

  • Keep silence and listen sincerely what the teacher in teaching.

  • Don't disturb any of your fellowmates in the classroom.

  • Attend every test sincerely and honestly.

  • The result of each test will be sent to parents within 3days of commencement of test.

At Home

  • Maintain daily self study timetable chart & absent list record.

  • Try to maintain daily self study time schedule.